Where did it all begin?

The internet we know today is lightyears away from where it started. Conceived around the early 1960s by a renowned computer scientist named J.C.R. Licklider, the internet started as an idea of an “Intergalactic Network.” Just a few years later, computer scientists developed the first-ever practical schematics of the internet, transmitting electronic data.  

The internet was invented for military purposes, but as it showed the immense potential to be a communicating platform, it was later broadened for scientists. Now, whether we agree to it or not, the internet plays a very crucial role in our day-to-day lives.  

According to statista.com, around 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020. To put that into perspective, approximately 60% of the world’s population is regularly on the internet. And these people-- you and me, are all potential consumers of any brand. It just takes proper planning and execution, your online presence as a business or an individual will surely skyrocket. 

Marketing on the Internet

Remember the time when a salesperson would knock on your door to sell magazines? That was around the 90s. Imagine if it is still a prominent sales technique today. Wouldn’t that be annoying? Now, we do our own research and talk to a salesperson when ready to make the decision. On that note, internet presence is everything. Whether you are selling a product, offering a service, or just building your identity, your website could either make or break your purpose.  

Creating a stunning website requires boundless creativity and strong knowledge in the technical aspect. It may take years of continuous learning and practice for one to acquire these skills. Fortunately, we have already gone down that road and could offer our expertise to you.  

Excellent brands require an outstanding online presence. And with hundreds of millions of brands competing for online attention, a new industry was born: the web agency.  

How to find the Web Agency for your needs

Web agencies are the companies that help you build or revamp your website. There may be hundreds of thousands of web agencies on the market right now ready to take on your brand, but how do you know if they are the perfect company to work with?  

Here are a few things you may want to consider before signing a contract with a web agency.  

1. Visuals

A good web agency must be superb in terms of design. Of course, brilliant design is one of the most significant components web agencies promise, and hopefully, deliver. But do they walk their talk? Thoroughly inspect their own website both on the computer and on mobile. Is it visually consistent and coherent? If yes, that is a significant point.  

Human beings are visual creatures. Our brains have the remarkable ability to store images and access them through memory with great accuracy. Our cerebral cortex devotes 30% of its actual mass for visual processing. For comparison, our cerebral cortex only allocates 8% of touch and a mere 3% for hearing. (Source).

With that in mind, your website’s visuals play one of the most critical roles to retain your visitors’ attention. A visually pleasing website will not only drive traffic in but also solidify your presence as a brand.  

2. Portfolio

Most web agencies include their best works on their homepages. Give those links a click. Check all their projects. Do they deliver the same quality for each client? Are all websites aligned with their brands? Do they look good both on the computer and on mobile? I have seen a few websites with incredible visuals on a computer browser but not on a mobile screen.   

You can also call or email their previous clients and ask how satisfied they are with the deliverables. You may also want to ask how the overall experience was of working with them. If you can contact more than one previous client, try making a table or a checklist of the questions you would ask them. This will give you great insight into how your prospective web agency will value you as a client.  

3. Compatibility

Once you choose a particular web agency for their services, you are in it for the long haul. For this partnership to work effectively, both parties must be completely compatible in all aspects of the business. Proper expectations must be set, and communication must be prompt.  

You can also ask for permission to sit in through one of their company meetings. Being involved in the planning process will ensure that they do understand your brand. It will also give you a peek behind the curtain and get a taste of their company culture.  

Remember, a good web agency should listen and align themselves with your overall brand and message.  

4. Adaptability

They say that change is the only constant thing in life. It is also true for the internet. Can you remember the funny minion pictures that circulated the web ten years ago? Imagine if we still have the same format of meme humor now. (That would be terrible!)  

The internet is a very fast-paced environment. Even the most explosively viral videos have a shelf-life, and afterward will just be forgotten. This lifespan can also be true for marketing strategies. Hashtags get old, design trends become redundant, and people forget. Now and then, Google implements a new SEO algorithm system that you either could use to your advantage, or just watch pass.  

A good web agency will always be on the lookout for the latest trends and new rules, while a great web agency will set trends and new rules. An excellent web agency is proactive, and that is what you want.  

5. Accessibility

About 15% of the entire world population lives with a form of disability. That’s about a billion people—a considerable chunk of the market. Modern web designs often don’t have this in mind, resulting in an unfriendly experience for the disabled. Your web agency of choice should consider creating a website for them, too.  

The best way to create an ‘accessible’ website is to distinguish your market and conduct thorough research on how much of your audience or consumers are most likely to be part of this minority. The most straightforward adjustment would be with color combinations, as some users with color blindness may find your website without appeal. Open this conversation up with your prospect web agency and find out their action plans.  

6. Other Services

By definition, pizza is just pie, and pie could simply be bread, cheese, and meat—and that works. But wouldn’t it be nicer to order a thin-crust, sausage-edged, pineapple-topped (or not, whatever floats your boat), brick oven-cooked pizza?  

Apply that idea to your prospective web agency. Do they also offer other vital services such as copywriting and blog content creation? Will they monitor your SEO performance for you? Will they teach you how to use your own website? Will they integrate other essential components to your websites, such as billing methods and a message board?  

7. Cost 

Let us face it; web creation is not cheap. But if you invest in a great web agency, your website will be worth every penny.  

With web creation and design, you are paying the time it takes for the web agency to build your website and the years of arduous work they put in to learn the tools and sharpen the skills now readily available for your service. Superior results necessitate good rewards. And much like a Harley Davidson motorcycle with immeasurable value, high-quality products usually cost a bit more.