Today, most, if not all, products and services anyone can think of could already be found through the internet. From beauty products to car parts and services ranging from a massage to hot tub maintenance, Google search results will quickly give you dozens of results.  

But how exactly do we weigh our options? What are our presupposed standards for choosing the right website to take care of our needs? In the blog ahead, we will be discussing the unwritten criteria on how we decide which service websites. We have also listed our favorites and the reasons why we love them!  


A great website is clear. As service-providing companies, most of the online traffic for these websites is from first-timers. Thus, these sites must be clear and concise. The website itself must leave no question for the visitor, and all sections must be sensible and useful. The hierarchy of information must be evident through the design and the content itself. Most people are in a hurry, so prioritizing the most important bits of information will benefit both the company and the prospective customer.  

Visual Design  

Along with the website’s clear direction, strong visuals also play a big role in retaining visitors’ attention. Did you know that 38% of the visitors will leave a webpage if they find the design unpleasing? Unsurprisingly, I would, too. When a website’s got a stunning design, it will be its own magnet to keep us scrolling.  


A service website must lead you to your goal: their service. Therefore, it should be easy for the visitors to avail their service through great calls to action and easy contact. When communication is easy, people will have a greater tendency to trust the service provider.  

Without further ado, we have listed the AllThingsWWW favorite service websites that we think encapsulates the criteria discussed above.   

A taxi company in Argentina used the colors white and yellow—reminiscent of the typical cab. Their website is very responsive, that a simple hover of the mouse to an icon will generate a nice animation. It has a certain punch of directness on its welcome page.  

Clarity: 8.5/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 8.5/10  

This home design-and-construction company takes minimalism to a whole new level. You will be welcomed by mesmerizing sliding animations that briefly explains their service. Scrolling through the website is honestly hypnotizing.  

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 9/10  Direction: 8/10  

A California- based plumbing company has by far one of the most direct websites we have ever seen. The hard-to-miss Call Now and Accessibility buttons never leave your screen, no matter wherever you are on the website. The Accessibility button will give you options to make all aspects of the website accessible for our specially-abled friends. They even have a Dyslexia-Friendly setting.  

Clarity: 8.5/10  Visual Design: 7.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

This landscape design company does not beat around the bush. Its gentle design, strong and simple fonts, minimalistic animations, and relaxing garden photos bring about an emotion you’ll know they can provide: zen.  

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 7.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

Get ready to be in awe as this website drops your jaw. Loftgarten is an Australian design company that sets new standards for website smoothness and consistency. Some of the fonts used are unconventional and rather eccentric but goes perfectly with the overall feel of the website: innovative.  

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 9/10  Direction: 8/10  

Mysta is a tattoo artist in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a strong portfolio. This website is part of this list mainly because of its appeal to its audience. From the moment it loads, This website packs a punch. It scrolls directly to a contact page after seeing his portfolio highlights, and frankly, if we were in Denmark, we’d pay him a visit.  

Clarity: 8.5/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 8.5/10  

Talk about breathability! This graphic designer portfolio website is one of the calmest portfolio websites we have ever seen. From the welcoming page to her previous works’ actual presentation, Brook Perryman’s organization stands out from the crowd. 

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 9/10  Direction: 8/10  

This destination wedding planner website will give you a taste of the services they can offer: “bespoke, luxurious, and elegant,” as it says on their website. A single scroll towards the bottom of the home page gives you a solid idea of who they are and their services—clearly a converting website. 

Clarity: 8.5/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

Dominique Ara is a business coach with a rich portfolio. Unlike most in the industry, her website works well because it is focused on what kind of services she can offer, not mainly a branding of herself. Anchored upon one theme, the trees, and the forest, Dominique ties it all up with the idea of an organization’s similarity with a forest.  

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 8/10   

Upwork is simply a platform where clients and freelancers worldwide can meet, transact, and build relationships altogether. Apart from its simplicity, Upwork has made itself an all-inclusive website where you can pay or receive payment safely. Although it’s not a service website on its own, Upwork curates services available for easy business. 

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 7.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

Nerd Fitness is a fitness website designed for the comic book and sci-fi geeks to fitness with a friendlier tone. The website is engaging and features dozens of before and after photos of people transformed by the services they offer. Its catchy landing page comparable to a comic book strip is an eye-magnet which, for one, could be its most converting trait.  

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 9/10  

This massage therapy website will make you crave their services with a clear ‘book now’ button on the landing page. This website has a very clear call to action: stop what you are doing and get a massage. 

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 8/10  

This New Zealand-based cleaning company boasts a website that speaks of their brand. Their three-slide motto will welcome you with a promise of exceptional service. Scrolling down will give you a feel of what they have to offer—high altitude cleaning services. The blues and grays blend well together, and it provides a soothing experience to the visitor’s eye. 

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 9/10  Direction: 8/10  

One of the most interactive websites we have seen so far! This website speaks only of one thing, parties. Creative Edge Parties is an event planning and catering company located in New York and Florida. The website’s clean yet very playful elements are exhibited through the egg imagery on the landing page. If a website’s goal is to retain attention, then this website definitely hit the mark. 

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 9/10  Direction: 9/10  

Will Bremridge is a lifestyle photographer with a stunningly star-studded line-up for his portfolio. His simple website takes advantage of the pastel color’s breathability. As the old saying goes, there is beauty in simplicity. 

Clarity: 8/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

Mile Nagaoka is a Japanese videographer and designer with a sleek website. His portfolio has photos, videos such as teasers and short films, and even brochure designs. This website, being simple as well, could stand the test of time and trends. 

Clarity: 7.5/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 8/10  

This pet grooming service located in Ohio has a very neat approach to website creation. With a single scroll towards the end of the homepage, you will find all the information you may need to avail of their services. Apart from that, a gallery on their page helps add flavor to the website.  

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 9/10  

On The Spot Detailing is a car cleaning and, you guessed it—detailing company in the Mid-Atlantic region with a solid website. The colors used are heavy, and the overall design speaks well to their target market—car enthusiasts and detail savvy customers. This website is organized in clean sections for a smoother visitor experience. 

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 8.5/10  

This moving company has a very playful approach to their customers using handwritten fonts and icons. The website automatically assists the visitors through interactive tabs that smoothly opens up whenever the cursor points at them. Apart from that, genuinely helpful blogs are available on their website. 

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8/10  Direction: 8.5/10  

This London-based men’s salon has an intuitive website and offers visitors an easy navigating experience. Upon opening the website, you will be welcomed by photos and videos of the salon and the actual service itself, making the website more enticing. The way announcements and content are written to the ‘cool kids,’ and who doesn’t want to be cool?  

Clarity: 9/10  Visual Design: 8.5/10  Direction: 8.5/10 

Do you know of any service website we may have missed?

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