Running a small business in this tech-saturated time is very easy. But making it succeed is a whole 'nother story.

Looking at the trend of small business owners hustling on the internet landscape, we can see an insidious pattern: they all have fallen for the digital trap.

The lie that you have to hire experts to put up a website has been insinuated by the same exact people: web developers.

A real business owner must stay true to tradition. Make a website on your own because you can!

So, let's wear our aluminum foil caps and discuss ten very real reasons why hiring a web agency is a waste of time and money.

1. You Have All the Time in the World!

When you hire these so-called internet experts, they will work on a very strict schedule to deliver. Of course, you wouldn't want that! You have all the time, and you want to keep it that way. You don't need a schedule, you work your own pace, and you must respect the process, even when there are excruciatingly slow and dry seasons.

2. You Love Mazes

Your passion for mazes and puzzles should not end in your sudoku and crossword solves in the daily paper. You should share the fun! Your website visitors must feel like they are in a labyrinth of pages when visiting your website; it's more challenging that way. And people love being challenged for a reward, so give it to them.

3. Art is Subjective

What's good-looking for you does not necessarily mean pleasing to everyone. Let's keep it that way. When designing your website, you want to create with your own standards of beauty, not your customers'. It's as easy as drawing on a bond paper in art class.

4. No One's Going to Read my Blogposts Anyway

Why bother paying an expert content writer when people don't even visit the Blog Section? Just write it on your own. After all, no one ever finishes reading blogs up to the last sentence. There is just no point. SEO? More like S-E-No

5. No One Uses Their Phones to Browse the Internet

The internet was invented for computers. That's a solid fact. An even more solid fact is that no one uses their phones to go to the internet because it's not built for that. What's the point of mobile-first web design? If you're reading this on your phone . . . what a shame.

6. Everything Can be Learned for Free

Why are these web agencies charging hundreds of dollars for their skills when these so-called expertise can be learned online for free? Who cares if they've been doing this for years now? That should only mean their services should be cheaper since they already know what they're doing down to every single detail.

7. Some Companies Offer Do-it-Yourself Websites

Companies such as Wax and Circle Space have made it easy for you to make your own website like a pro for a reasonable amount of money. Never mind having a generic-looking design; they offer good fonts! Don't worry about limited pages, because;

8. You Only Need a Few Pages Anyway

Perhaps, a home page is enough. Show your logo, a picture of you holding your product, and you're good to go. Why bother automating the transaction process online when they can always visit your shop. . . as long as it's during the day and not on holidays.

9. You Can Always Opt for Premium Plans from DIY Websites

It's still better than shelling out a huge amount of money for web agencies upfront! At least, with premium plans, you can have more pages, more designs unlocked, more scrolling effects, and more visits. . . probably.

10. You Can Do All the Work Yourself

You can be a designer when you want to. You can be a writer. You can be a technician when there are problems. You can be a customer service agent. You can be a UI/UX expert. All of these while still managing a business and attending to all other aspects of your life. Believe in yourself!